Cobra® GT

True Flush, High Torque

As this industry continues to evolve, the vintage flush joint designs of yesteryear no long pass muster for many of today’s applications. Historically, one of the tradeoffs for clearance is less torque. With the Constrictor® thread form, that’s no longer the case. Cobra® GT is able to generate significantly more torque than a conventional shouldered flush joint. Negative stab and load flanks prevent jumpout and lock the pin and box together radially for maximum seal contact under combined loading. Low thread pitch allows the connection to be madeup in 5 turns – compare that to 12 turns for API BTC. A long pin swage results in a highly efficient flush joint connection, providing operators the opportunity for a greater setting depth without increasing the nominal pipe weight. The positional makeup indicator allows operators to run without the need for torque-turn monitoring. Both factors can result in significant cost savings. Cobra® GT was designed for challenges of this generation and the next.

Cobra® GT


  • Rugged Constrictor® thread form
  • True flush OD for maximum clearance
  • Seat-optimized premium metal-to-metal seal
  • Low stress for low galling and performance in a corrosive environment
  • Fast make-up to save operators valuable rig time
  • Positional makeup indicator for use without torque-turn monitoring


The Constrictor™ thread form provides a significantly larger torque area compared conventional flush joint connections.


Say goodbye to connection jumpout, slow running speeds, and galled threads. The Constrictor™ thread form was developed for the next generation of OCTG demands.


Low thread pitch, stepped crests, consistent makeup profile, and variable width threads reduce nonproductive time and significantly increase running speed.


Hoop stress at makeup is less than half that of API BTC compatible connections, reducing susceptibility to galling and corrosion.


Negative load and stab flanks lock the pin and box together radially, providing outstanding pressure integrity.


The Constrictor™ thread form prevents sliding of the thread under tension, compression, and bending and minimizes hoop stress under load. This provides an ideal stress profile and the ultimate connection integrity.

The Refrack Solution

True flush OD, quick makeup with positional verification, and a robust seal design makes Cobra™ GT the ideal solution for refracks. With enough clearance to run inside 4-1/2” casing and extraordinary torque and tensile capacity, operators can rest assured. This hassle-free connection was built for practical field use.

Services available

  • Technical Support
  • Field Service
  • Casing Design
  • Material Selection
  • Torque and Drag
  • Accessories

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