Bushmaster® GT

Next Generation Semi- Premium

Bushmaster® GT was designed as the next generation premium connection. Farewell to the vintage designs with internal shoulders, heavy wall coupling stock, high cost, and mediocre performance. Bushmaster® GT generates torque by utilizing the Constrictor® thread form. This provides a significant increase in torque capacity with the added benefits of low stress and outstanding galling resistance. Bushmaster® GT is the solution to the industry’s most challenging applications. Negative load and stab flanks diminish the potential for jumpout and reduce localized movement within the connection under bending, tension, and pressure. Stepped crests and low pitch allow for Bushmaster® GT to be madeup in 5 turns compared to as many as 12 for other premium connections. Makeup is fast and consistent, allowing operators to save valuable rig time. Bushmaster® GT is the new standard of premium connection.

Bushmaster® GT


  • Heavy duty and extreme torque Constrictor® thread form
  • Sealability equaling pipe body pressure limits
  • Low stress for low galling and performance in a corrosive environment
  • Fast make-up to save operators valuable rig time
  • Coupling anti-rotation feature to eliminate spinning couplings in the field
  • Optimized coupling OD and ID to work with most standard blanked accessories


The Constrictor™ thread form proves a significantly larger torque stop than a conventional shouldered connection, resulting in exceptional operating torque and prevention of ID restriction.


Say goodbye to connection jumpout, slow makeup, and galled threads. The Constrictor™ thread form was developed for the next generation of OCTG demands.


Low thread pitch, stepped crests, consistent makeup profile, and variable width threads reduce nonproductive time and significantly increase running speed.


Hoop stress at makeup is significantly lower than traditional premium connections, reducing susceptibility to galling and corrosion.


Pressure to failure indicates the pipe body fails mechanically before the connection


The Constrictor™ thread form prevents sliding of the thread under tension, compression, and bending and minimizes hoop stress under load. This provides an ideal stress profile and the ultimate connection integrity

Low Stress Profile

Under the most challenging operating conditions, Bushmaster™ GT maintains an ideal stress profile compared to conventional premium connections. Bushmaster™ GT is constructed so that the connection is not the limiting factor in your casing design. The Constrictor™ thread form opens new opportunities previously unexplored.

Connection Envelope

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