Anaconda™ SP

Changing the Semi-Flush Market

For decades operators have had no choice but to utilize expensive, full premium semi-flush connections for applications where clearance and strength is critical, but semi-premium sealability is adequate. The major mills have failed to deliver a connection that’s both economical and technically viable. We’re disrupting that market to give our customers and partners the economic solution they need for the next generation of drilling. Torque, strength, and clearance can all be achieved without the high cost of a metal-to-metal seal. The Constrictor™ thread form delivers excellent semi-premium sealability for those applications where a metal-to-metal seal isn’t required. Anaconda™ SP will run faster, better resist galling, and provide more torque capacity than conventional semi-flush connections. Makeup is approximately 5 turns compared to 12 for API BTC. The Constrictor® thread form requires little radial interference, reducing
hoop stress and improving corrosion performance, while also providing the confidence to rotate.

Anaconda™ SP


  • Heavy duty and extreme torque Constrictor® thread form 90% efficiency under tension and compression
  • Near flush OD and true flush ID for maximum clearance
  • Outstanding semi-premium sealability
  • Low stress for low galling and performance in a corrosive environment
  • Fast make-up to save operators valuable rig time


The Constrictor™ thread form provides a significantly larger torque area compared conventional semi-flush connections.


Say goodbye to connection jumpout, slow running speeds, and galled threads. The Constrictor™ thread form was developed for the next generation of OCTG demands.


Low thread pitch, stepped crests, consistent makeup profile, and variable width threads reduce nonproductive time and significantly increase running speed.


Hoop stress at makeup is less than half that of API BTC compatible connections, reducing susceptibility to galling and corrosion.


Negative load and stab flanks lock the pin and box together radially, providing outstanding pressure integrity.


The Constrictor™ thread form prevents sliding of the thread under tension, compression, and bending and minimizes hoop stress under load. This provides an ideal stress profile and the ultimate connection integrity.

Exceptional Torque

Low Stress Profile

Services available

  • Technical Support
  • Field Service
  • Casing Design
  • Material Selection
  • Torque and Drag
  • Accessories

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