Fermata® Anaconda™ GT. Gas Tested. Field Proven.

Published at 01/07/2021

Anaconda™ GT is a preferred connection for production casing. It has been used across North America in applications with 100+ fracture cycles, severe H2S, temperatures of 350°F+, and extreme doglegs. The combination of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), physical testing, and proven field performance makes this one of the most evaluated and robust premium connections on the market.

Tested to the Fermata® Multi-Fracture Horizontal Well Protocol which was built following the principles from API 5C5:2017 and draft API TR 5SF. Anaconda™ GT underwent extreme conditions that exceed what the connection would typically experience in the field. The connection was subjected to max torque with sealability (MTS), rotational fatigue, pressure cycling, high temperatures, gas sealability with combined loads and bending, and failure mode testing. During failure testing, the connection showed that it is capable of withstanding significantly more pressure than its rating, assuring operators that the connection is designed to meet today’s challenges.

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